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14th US-Korea Nanotechnology Forum

Prof. Busnaina, the Director of Northeastern’s NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing, was invited to participate in the 14th U.S.-Korea Forum on Nanotechnology: Internet of Things (IoT) including Nanosensors and Neuromorphic Computing. This year event was held on Falls Church, VA, on September 11& 12, 2017.

This 14th Forum, was intend to empower a common platform for scientists and engineers from both countries to accommodate emerging technology contribution in IoT including nanosensors and neuromorphic (brain-inspired) computing, where nanotechnology provides critical solutions. This forum included 8 senior presenters and 8 additional early-career presenters from U.S. and a roughly equal number of presenters from Korea. It actively encourage partnerships in nanotechnology as well as strengthen achievements and assess the progress on the recommendations made during the previous Forums ( Each of the previous Forums had different emerging technology focus. This Forum will further promote exchange of researchers between the two countries, particularly catalyzing research collaboration for early career scientists. The outcome of this Forum may lead to milestone for the new governments of both countries where nanotechnology convergence will generate a great impact.

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