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Nanomaterials Based Electronics 

Flexible transparent n-type MoS2 Transistors 

Heterogenous SWNTs and MoS2 complimentary invertors through assembly 

Rose Bengal Molecular Doping of CNT Transistors

CNT Chemical Sensors 

Functionalized SWNT Chemical Sensor

  • Developed, fabricated and tested a micro-scale robust semiconducting SWNT based sensor for the detection of H2S, simple alkanes, thiol, etc. 

  • Working in harsh environment (200 degrees Celsius; 2500 Psi)

  • Specific in various environments (N2, air, water vapor, alkanes, etc.)

  • Resistance based oepration

  • Simple inexpensive 2-terminal device. High sensitivity ~ppm. 

Wire bonded probes     SWNTs