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Patents, Licensing Opportunities & Publications


The CHN helps bridge the gap between laboratory research at universities and need-based solutions for business.  The Center hosts quarterly meetings where leaders, young professionals, and graduate students gather to share knowledge and experience.


Our patented products or processes are available for licensing, the legal vehicle that enables your business to invest, develop and monetize our inventions.  In 2012, for example, Northeastern filed 105 patent applications on behalf of university-affiliated researchers, including some from the Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing.


Our technology transfer activities are managed by Northeastern’s Center for Research Innovation (CRI), which serves as the University-wide portal between industry and the university’s portfolio of innovations and solutions.  It was established in 2010 through a $5 million donation to the university, and since then CRI played a key role technology spin-outs, advising NEU-affiliated entrepreneurs, and bringing business leaders to campus for a range of programs.


Dozens of nanotechnology-related patents are available for licensing, and many others are in the pipeline.


Commercialization may be done through a spin-out business or through an arrangement with an existing company.  


CHN Publications:


Selected CHN Publications are available on DRS, the University’s online repository of publications.