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Invitation to Speak at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Professor Busnaina was an invited speaker at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory this past week. He spoke as a part of the REDD (The Research and Exploratory Development Department) Talks series, on the topic of the scalable nano-printing of sensors and electronics. A brief description is below, from the APL’s own website.

In this opportunity Dr. Busnaina talked about new techonology developed that uses directed assembly based printing at the nanosclae to make products that fully take advantage of the superior properties of nanomaterial. In this presentation he showcase application of this technology in electronics, sensors and material.

For more than 70 years, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) has provided critical contributions to critical challenges with systems engineering and integration, technology research and development, and analysis. Our scientists, engineers, and analysts serve as trusted advisors and technical experts to the government, ensuring the reliability of complex technologies that safeguard our nation’s security and advance the frontiers of space. We also maintain independent research and development programs that pioneer and explore emerging technologies and concepts to address future national priorities.

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