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CHN at the Sensor Expo & Conference in San Jose, California.

Prof. Busnaina was invited to speak at The Sensors Expo & Conference 2017. This event has established itself as North America’s premier event focused exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems.

The event will be on June 27-29 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. Prof. Busnaina presentation was held on Tuesday, Jun 27 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

His Conference Symposium subject was Printing of Nano and Microscale Electronics and Sensors Using Direct Assembly of Nanomaterials on Flexible or Rigid Substrates.

Here is an abstract of the presentation.

Over the last decade, this has been a paradigm shift in manufacturing of low-end electronic devices and other nanomaterials based-devices away from vacuum-based processes and toward printing technologies. Inkjet, screen-printing and gravure are three printing technologies that are commercially used for printing electronics, flexible displays, and RFID tags. However, the smallest features that can be printed using inkjets today is about 20 microns, although this is still sufficient for many applications, its scale leaves it far behind today’s silicon electronics. The next generation of printed devices requires printing features at today’s silicon electronics line width, which is 1000 times smaller (about 20 nanometers). We have developed a new technology that uses directed assembly based printing at the nanoscale to make products that fully take advantage of the superior properties of nanomaterials. This printing technology can print metals, insulators and semiconductors (including III-V and II-VI), organic and inorganic materials into micro and nanoscale structures and circuits (down to 20 nanometers) on flexible and rigid substrates. In this presentation, we show the applications of this technology in electronics, sensors and metamaterials applications.

More info:

A video from last year event.

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